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About Me

Every day we are immersed into the beautiful world of photography.  A world that is static yet moving—Capturing a moment in time and preserving a memory no matter how much time has passed.


Hi Everyone!  Thank you for visiting Jade and Rose Studios! My name is Jen, and I feel the most natural with a camera in my hands.  When I started this business it was merely a thought.  After having my two baby girls I discovered my love for children and family photography.  It was then that Jade and Rose studios was born.  The more photos I took the more I realized, this wasn't just work to me.  These families were allowing me to not only capture a milestone of their life, but they were also inviting me into their world and letting me see a part of their reality.  I thank each and everyone of you for allowing me a chance to step into that world, and create beautiful moments that will be cherished forever.



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